Ethnic Doll

Ethnic Doll

Fedorova Tetyana Semenivna

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      Is it interesting for you  what kind of clothes Ukrainians wore in the past?
Your imagination is enriched  by such concepts,words ,images as ethnography, traditions, ethnoculture, mythology national attire and,more still Kozaks, hetmans, nobles, ladies and village women, boys and girls, and also by ribbons wreaths, pleats and Herrings, tall boots and saw-leather jackets, chumarkas and bekeshas, sharovars and kersetkas, fur hats and straw hats?
      Do you collect dolls - those made of porcelain or those embroidered with ancient names and Kozaks moustache, in kerchiefs and wreaths, wits ribbons and in ochipoks?
Are you a connoisseur of elegance, authenticity, detailed performance of handwork?
     Do you seek to add some national colour to your home, summer house, office?
     Or maybe you want to learn what are dolls looking like leaflets, page markets?   

So, this site's for you!
      To run through it you are invited by a well-known  master of author's ethnographic doll, member of National Union of folk arts masters of Ukraine Tetyana Fedorov.
      Send your impressions, wishes, orders by the addresse:




  About the author.

Master of decorative applicable arto (since 1994)
Member of National Union of folk arts masters (singe 1998)
      Member of Journalists Union of Ukraine (singe 1984)
   Has studies in Kyiv State University, faculty of philology(Ukrainian language and literature), 1969.
     1970-1992 : working as an editor and journalist.
     Author of many publications concerning literature and arts.
     In the field of ethnographic doll and doll in a national attire - since 1992.
     For the first time in Ukraine reconstructed samples of national atre of Ukraine's different regions in the form of ethnomodels  ( a miniature 18-20 cm), based on historical, scientifical picture - drawing and
literatical sources.

      Singe 1993 until today works in co-authorship with Yevgen Moskalenko (conception of ethnomodels,   porcelain details of dolls).
     A series of dolls in national attire of all population of Ukraine, also of the representatives of different layers of the population in the Kyiv pus period(1995-1997)
     A series of dolls after the work by Ivan Honchak (1998)
     A series of dolls in national attire of the CIS countries (1997-1998) more presizely.
     A series "Kozakship" (6 persons), 2000, dolls photo
     A dolls composition "The Ukrainian wedding of the past" (18 persons), 2000. more presizely.
     The first soft author's ethnographic dolls are born by the end of 2001. Until today there ape 33 of them made. They compound the keeping of tradition (they on the base) and exclusivity (each doll is one of e king).      The dolls have names popular by our nation in the past
( "Orysya", "Maryana", "Olyana", "Karpo and Daryna" et). The clothes represent the multitude
of the national Ukrainian attire.      Reconstructed such historical figures in the doll form:
     - Bayda (Vishnevetsky)- founder of the Zaporozhska Sich.
     - Hetman Bogdan Chmelnytsky. the photo of the doll
     - Hetman Ivan Mazepa
     - Hetman Pylyp Orlyk. the photo of the doll
     - Colonel, Berestets battle hero (1651) Ivan Bohun. the photo of the doll
     - Halych priest Yosafat.
     - Kyiv mitropolite Petro Mohyla. the photo of the doll
     - Count and Countess Ostrozki. the photo of the doll (16 th century)
     - Roxolana and Suleyman the Luxurious. the photo of the doll
     - Saints: Petro, Pylyp, the photo of the doll, Andrey Pervozvany, Maria and Hanna.
     - Mythological (literatical) figures: Mavka and Lukash, the photo of the doll, ancient mother of scythes, the photo of the doll Fred Queen, Pezelesnik etc.
     There's already 400 dolls. The majority of them io in the private collections in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Singapore, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Italy, Lebanon etc.


Send your letters by the address: to Tetyana Fedorova .




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