The cycle "Kozakship"
(6 personages. Porcelain, textile. Height 16-18 cm, Handwork.Exclusive)
1999-2000. Ownership by Olga Lysenko. Kyiv.

Bayda(XVI) Leontiy Svichka (XVII)  ( V . )         λ

Count Dmytro Vyshnevetsky - founder of Zaporozhye Sich. xvi c (Uknown author).A
portrait of D.I. Vyshnevetsky. 18th c.

Leontiy Svichka (XVII)
A kozak from the icon "Crucifixion" 1699

The Black Sea Man ( V . )
Kuban kozaks of the black Sea army.(Founded on Prechista  in 1793 on the Kuban river kozak kish (settlement) ,which they Called Katerinohred. In their hands they are holding a bunchuk (the kleynod of the black sea army)
The kozak of the Catherine's period.
Portrait of the unknown with medal 1787.Museum of decorative arts of Ukraine.
Otaman of Don Kozaks Danylo Yefremov.

From the portrait of 1752. One of the outstanding otaman of the Don region. He has a talented diplomate. In 1738 he luckily could talk the kalmyk khan into wandering beyond kuban and drawing back beyond Russia's borders. For that Anna the Queen gave him the otaman's title. To the end of his life.  He made a pilghmage to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra; wrote down his name into the Lavra's synode book and presented Lavra with the big silver fragrance instrument for Uspensky sobor. Lavra returned the favor by his portrait. In his hand is a nasika (Otaman Empire regality, sing of power)

Kozak Mamay
People's hero,legendary leader  (Pictures of him were in almost svery Ukrainian chata in the past.).