"Ukrainian wedding of the past. Central regions"
(Doll composition of 18 persons. Porcelain,height 16-18 cm. Handwork. Exclusive.)

Ownership by Olga Lysenko, Kyiv.



     Executive author Tetany Fedorova
        The participants:
     Yevgen Moskalenko(porcelain)
Viktoria Bobrovycka (natural life)
     Pavlo Ystumenko (furniture,spoons,chest-podium;wood)
     Oleg Bubon (the ruglet;cold batik)

July 2000
     The wedding of the past is one of the most complex rites maybe,that falls into several lasting acts:
getting acquainted(mostly on the evening parties), asking in marriage,betrothing wedding
ceremony, the wedding itself (first in the house of the bride, after that in the house
of the bridegroom).
The composition describes one of the so-to-speak transitional moments of the performance. The wedding ceremony being completed there's
the wedding loaf emanating aromas(as supposed, with pinecones, birds, viburnum berries and a periwinkle).
The ritual twig glistening with tinsels, (the same's in the house of the groom "waiting" with the groom's
family for the wedding to be continued in the future dwelling place of the bride that is of the mother- in - law)...
The last day (evening)in the fatherly home for the bride.
The just married are sitting on a sheepskin (or on a turned-out raw-leather jacket)
In order to live a wealthy life in the future together.
On the bride's head for the last time there's a luxurious wreathes,down her bask under ribbons, is running down to her waist her plait - a girl's second beauty
Soon, very soon, it will be hidden under woman's ochipok that's lying on the breadloaf with the spoons. And them the groom will drive his fiancee to his plase...
As it seems, the prezent here, protagenists sloved down only foor a wttile: either the brides soroowful mother ( mothe-in-law)
for she's giving away her own child to a strange house (what's waiting for her there, what fate will befall her?)or an elder noble will just wave his hahd, giving a
sign a for, the breadiloave's cutting into parts between guests.
Musicians trios will come into the house, endless rityal songs will songs will start.
The wedding will spill out omto the street, just to cross the village and to be completed in the groon's house.
And in the meantime evelything's frozen for a moment...

The literatyre used while working on the composition
     Hvedir Wolf. Stydles from Ukrainian ethnography and ethnologo 1995
     De la fleeze.Albums.Volyme one "Ethnographis-folrlore series" 1996
     T.V. Kosmina Z.O. Vasina. The Ukrainian weding attire. Ethnographic reconstructions leaflets complect. 1989.
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    Traditional attirements of Cherkssk region in the end of XIX - beginning of xx cc.
           The exhibition cataloge 1993